Excellence in Real Estate Investment, Development and Management

The Hamburg-based MOMENI Group specialises as a nationwide investor in the development, construction and management of first-class real estate projects. Established in 2004, the strategic focus of the owner-operated company is on the finest office buildings and commercial properties in central-city locations in Germany's most important real estate districts. MOMENI has exceptionally deep knowledge of the market, and its success rests on astute investments in markets from Hamburg to Munich. This success and consistent growth is based on highly qualified employees, conceptual strengths and a project approach with uncompromising standards in terms of quality, sustainability and maximum profitability. In this way the company completes high-status real estate projects in centre-city locations which consistently reflect the corporate philosophy of “Excellence in Real Estate Investment, Development and Management.”

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MOMENI Projektentwicklung GmbH specialises in collaborating with domestic and international joint venture partners to develop and build class-A real estate projects in central locations in Germany’s leading urban areas.

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Investment Management

MOMENI Investment Management GmbH is an active investment and asset management platform and initiator of institutional real estate investment products for institutional investors in Germany and abroad.

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Real Estate Management

MOMENI Real Estate Management GmbH carries out commercial and technical property management for real estate portfolios managed by MOMENI Group as well as on behalf of foreign and domestic third-party clients.

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25. January 2018

MOMENI Gruppe vermietet an Regus Spaces

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09. January 2018

MOMENI Gruppe und Black Horse Investments verkaufen Hamburger SPRINGER QUARTIER

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06. December 2017

MOMENI Gruppe kauft Hamburger Neubaugrundstück von Oetker Gruppe

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10. November 2017

MOMENI Gruppe verkauft THREE GEORGE in Düsseldorf an Fonds von AMUNDI REAL ESTATE

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